La Femme De L’Aviateur (The Aviator’s Wife)

… Currently streaming on Amazon Prime – really worth a watch. It delivers great things: the innocence of a man in love, and a woman’s desire to be at the same time, together, and alone …


Love, jealousy and misunderstanding feel like soft rain in the first of Eric Rohmer’s ‘Comedies and Proverbs’ series. Here are two very different 1980s Parisian women. One is Anne (Marie Rivière): she’s a 25 year-old secretary who lives in small top-floor studio. Her tap leaks, her married lover (the aviator) has left her and François (Philippe Marlaud), her law-student boyfriend, is clingy and irritating, and barely sees her due to his night shifts at the postal sorting office. The other is Lucie (Anne-Laure Meury), an impish 15 year-old who ‘likes life when it’s most like a novel.’ Lucie has a fertile imagination which she puts to good use when she strikes up an afternoon’s friendship with the glum, curious Francois who needs ‘something to do for the afternoon’ (as the proverb says ‘one can’t think of nothing’) and together, they playfully follow the ‘aviator’ and a mysterious blonde woman.


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