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Marie Rivière et l’adoration profonde d’Eric Rohmer pour les femmes

Eric donne les rôles principaux à des femmes qui sont parfois indépendant du rôle des hommes. Mais pourquoi? Peut-être qu’il est plus à l’aise avec les femmes. Peut-être qu’il transmet sa part féminine. Parce que ça se rapporte toujours à lui : la solitude, l’idéal, les pensées. (Marie Rivière) Continue reading

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La French (The Connection)

Jean Dujardin and Gilles Lellouche latest on-screen collaboration places them on the opposite sides of a heady 70s Marseille landscape. Based on real-events at the time, La French sees magistrate Pierre Michel’s (Dujardin) attempts to break-up Marseille’s roaring heroin trade and … Continue reading

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An elegiac, much-lauded film, in which love, family, music, faith and football (plus a little eccentricity) bind the town of Timbuktu, despite the controlling, uncompromising presence of the Jihadists. Abderrahmane Sissako directs and writes with a poet’s sensibility, seeking emotional … Continue reading

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Elle L’Adore (She Worships Him)

An obsessive fertile imagination is vital to securing freedom for divorced Parisian beautician, Muriel (Sandrine Kiberlain) in this Claude Chabrol-style thriller. When rock star Vincent Lacroix (Laurent Lafitte) accidentally kills his girlfriend during a lover’s tiff, he approaches Muriel, his … Continue reading

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La Jalousie (Jealousy)

Jealousy and infidelity stand close and intimate in Philippe Garrel’s slender, simple tale of an actor who moves out of the apartment he shares with his young daughter and girlfriend, and goes to live with his new love. So personal, … Continue reading

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