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Vincent, François, Paul et les Autres (the Others)

Mid-life unease is worn as light as a 1970s sports jacket in Claude Sautet’s expose of friendship and floundering between three men. Energetic entrepreneur, Vincent (Yves Montand), the uptight doctor, François (Michel Piccoli) and disillusioned writer, Paul (Serge Reggiani) all … Continue reading

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Grenouille d’Hiver (Winter Frog)

Gérard Depardieu is a grey, sad viticulturist, and Eriko Takeda disturbs the tombs in his eyes … Continue reading

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François Ozon’s adoration of the power and complexity in women is infectious. In this gloriously light comedy about matriarchy, Catherine Deneuve is the resplendent Suzanne Pujol, the ‘potiche’ (trophy wife) of Robert (Fabrice Luchini), archetypal 70s businessman and director of … Continue reading

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